Today’s King’s speech unveiled a series of legislative changes aimed at making it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to purchase freehold. This move is expected to offer a sigh of relief to many who have been struggling with what are often described as ‘punitive service charges’.

However, the government’s commitment to abolishing leasehold sales of new freestanding properties was conspicuously absent from the speech. This has sparked a discussion in the industry about the government’s true intentions towards leasehold reform.


David Pett, a solicitor with MJP Conveyancing, a national provider of residential conveyancing services, shared his insights on the matter. He expressed both encouragement and concern about the proposed reforms. “The announcement of legislation to ease the purchase of freehold for leaseholders is a step in the right direction,” he said. “It can potentially alleviate the financial burden of many homeowners currently grappling with exceptionally high and unjustified charges.”


However, Mr Pett also highlighted the omission of any reference to the abolition of leasehold sales for new freestanding properties in the King’s speech. “The silence on this issue is disconcerting,” he noted. “The government had previously pledged to abolish such sales, which are often seen as exploitative. Their failure to include this in the speech raises questions about their commitment to comprehensive leasehold reform.”


The King’s speech has undoubtedly stirred the pot on the issue of leasehold reform. While the proposed legislation may bring relief to some, the absence of measures to abolish leasehold sales of new freestanding properties has left others feeling uncertain about the future.


As the industry continues to digest the implications of the King’s speech, the hope is that the government will clarify its position on this critical issue. After all, comprehensive reform is needed to truly transform the leasehold system and make it fairer for all stakeholders involved.


In the meantime, leaseholders and potential homeowners are advised to stay informed and seek professional advice to navigate these changes. As we wait for more clarity on the government’s position, experts like David Pett and his team at MJP Conveyancing remain a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the evolving landscape of the property market.


Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on this developing story.

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