Pricing & Fees

Fees & Pricing

Due to the use of technology and our efficient processes we are competitively priced and can offer:

· Quick, no obligation quoting
· 100% price transparency
· Fixed fee quote

100% Price Transparency Promise

We promise 100% transparency pricing. We break down every item on your quote, explain it, and keep it visible on your online portal

Whilst we aim to deliver our original quote, changes can arise during the conveyancing process. In these cases, we will always inform you as soon as possible and let you know the cost implications. Throughout the process, we guarantee no hidden charges and no surprises.

Subject to the following conditions MJP operates a ‘No sale, No fee’ policy :

a) payment of the £100 (inclusive of VAT @ 20%) non-refundable legal fee deposit, and

b) in the case of a purchase payment of search fees ( if applicable )

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event the transaction should abort the £100 deposit and search fees will not be refundable.   No further fees in this event will become payable.

What if MJP cannot continue to act for you?

In situations where we cannot act for you due to professional obligations, we won’t raise any fees and will return any remaining funds to you. We will tell you about our decision to end the retainer as soon as possible. Although we aren’t obliged to disclose the reasoning behind a decision not to act, we aim to co-operate fully with the solicitors you chose to instruct.

Examples of these situations may include:

  • Unsatisfactory responses to our compliance checks
  • Where there is a conflict of interest between parties
  • Breakdown of mutual trust and confidence

What if my transaction falls through?

We sincerely hope your transaction is successful. If, however the transaction falls through, either through your or the other party’s choice, we will only charge you the initial deposit and incurred search fees.

Three elements make up your conveyancing fees


A £100 (inclusive of VAT @ 20%) non-refundable deposit to cover the administration costs to open your file which is discounted off your legal fees on completion

Our Profit Costs

These are our fees for doing the work and are payable to MJP

Please see below for a table showing our estimated legal fees


This is money which MJP must pay others for the service they provide in connection with your transaction

MJP Fees

Profit costs are the fees paid for the legal work on your file. When MJP provide you with a quote, you will see our profit costs at the top of the quote labelled ‘Our fees’. These include:

Legal fee

MJP offers a fixed fee quote. This means a fee is calculated based on the property’s value, the property’s tenure, and any additional elements that may create additional work.

Telegraphic transfer admin fee

Applicable for both sale and purchase

This is to facilitate the transfer of completion funds. This fee is usually £23 + VAT @ 20%.

Search pack admin fee

Applicable for purchase transactions only

This is to order and report on your searches for a property purchase. This is £152.25 + VAT @ 20%.

Third-party Disbursement costs

Disbursements are the fees paid to Third Parties such as the Land Registry, Councils and other solicitors. They are always part of buying or selling a home, no matter which property lawyer you choose.

When MJP provide you with a quote, we show these fees at the bottom half of the quote labelled ‘Disbursements’. These may include:

Telegraphic transfer fee to the Bank

Applicable for both sale and purchase

If funds are paid by telegraphic transfer, a Bank Transfer Fee will be charged over and above the amount the bank charges us. This is to undertake the work of arranging the telegraphic transfer on your behalf. This typically costs £8.40 inclusive of VAT

Search Pack

Applicable for purchase only

Payable to the Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) for the provision of searches concerning the property and surrounding area. This typically costs £117.30 inclusive of VAT.

Land Registry Title Deeds

Applicable for both sale and purchase

Payable to the Land Registry for the provision of the documents which make up the property’s title deeds. The Land Registry charge £3 per document.

For leasehold properties, you will need to pay for an official copy of lease which details the term of the lease, the amount of rent payable and all other obligations affecting the property. This costs £3.

It may be necessary to order other documents referred to in the Register of Title held at the Land Registry.

Bankruptcy check

Applicable for purchase only

Mortgage lenders require us to conduct this search to determine whether the potential borrower has been made bankrupt at a cost of £2 per person.

Land Registration fee

Applicable for purchase only

A fee is payable to the Land Registry for the registration of the change of ownership of the property and is payable by the purchaser. A sliding scale of fees applies and is dependent on the property value

Priority Search

Applicable for purchase only

A priority search against the title deeds ensures that no changes can take place before registration of your ownership for 30 days after completion at a cost of £3.

Land Registry, bankruptcy check, registration fee and priority search fees are NOT subject to VAT

Additional Fees

Several factors can alter the quote during a transaction, which may increase your fees. For a list of these please click here.

Approximate Quotation Additional Fees
Property Value
Standard Purchase
Standard Sale
Standard remortgage/TOE
TOE + Remortgage
Sale/Purchase Leasehold
Other Leasehold
£0 - £750,000
£1095 + VAT @ 20%
£1095 + VAT @ 20%




£650 + VAT @ 20%




£900 + VAT @ 20%




Add £795 + VAT @ 20%




Add £200 + VAT @ 20%

£750,001 - £1,000,000
£1295 + VAT @ 20%
£1295 + VAT @ 20%
£1,000,001 - £2,000,000
£1495 + VAT @ 20%
£1495 + VAT @ 20%
£2,000,001 +
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Contact Us

We do not act when the transaction exceeds £3 million

When do we pay?

Other than the initial £100 deposit (for a sale only) or the initial £100 deposit and your search fees (for a purchase transaction), all fees and disbursement, including Stamp Duty, must be paid and cleared 24 hours before your agreed completion date. Upon prior agreement, you can make payments from the proceeds of your sale.

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