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MJP’s fees

This section gives you more of an understanding of the fees you may be required to pay should you choose to use MJP’s services.

As a business that has been awarded for our Client Care focus, MJP wants to ensure that you receive all the information you need to make more informed choices about who your legal representatives will be.

Should you request a quote, MJP’s dedicated New Business Team will ask you about the property, your intentions with the property and any additional elements to gain an understanding as to your requirements in order to provide you with a quote which is as accurate and transparent as it can be at the time of issue.

Your quoted Fee explained:

There are two elements that make up MJP’s fees:
  • Our Profit Costs - These are our fees for doing the work and is payable to MJP
  • The Disbursements - The money which MJP have to pay others for the service they provide in connection with your transaction
MJP’s Costs (Profit Costs)
Profit costs are the fees that are paid for the legal work on your file. When MJP provide you with a quote, you will see our profit costs at the top of the quote labelled ‘Our fees’:

Our Fees
Legal Fees
Telegraphic transfer Admin fee
Identity Check
Search Pack admin Fee
Help to Buy ISA
Fixed fee

MJP are a fixed fee firm and therefore, the base fee you pay for the legal work is fixed with prices starting as low as £350 plus VAT depending on the value of your property.

How do MJP calculate this fee?
Your fee is calculated by the value of the property, the tenure of the property and any additional elements which may create additional work.

To give you a rough idea, see the table below which sets out a few fee brackets *

Rough Quotation of fees Inc. VAT Additional Fees
Property Value Standard Purchase Standard Sale Standard Re-mortgage/ToE TOE+remortgage Shared Ownership Sale/Purchase Leasehold Other Leasehold
£0 - £500,000 £650 + VAT £650 + VAT £400 + VAT £650 + VAT add £200 + VAT add £350 + VAT add £200 + VAT
£500,001 - £750,000 £650 + VAT £650 + VAT
£750,001 - £1,000,000 £750 + VAT £750 + VAT
£1,000,001 - £3,000,000 £1100 + VAT £1100 + VAT
The fixed fee does not include the following administration fees (profit costs) payable to MJP though they will be included in your quote (except for the £50 non-refundable deposit which has been added to the table for information purposes):

Type of Fee What these are
Telegraphic transfer admin fee (Sale and Purchase) The amount you pay us to facilitate the transfer of completion funds. This fee is usually £23+VAT.
Search pack admin fee (Purchase only) This is the amount you pay us to order and report on your searches on a property purchase. This is £152.25+VAT. The fee will be detailed in your quote.
Identity Check This is the amount that you pay us to carry out an online ID check against national registers to confirm your ID and proof of address. These are our administrative costs for carrying these out.
Initial £50 non-refundable deposit (wont form part of your quote This the amount that you pay to cover the administrative costs involved when opening your file. Please note, this is non-refundable.
The above tables are some of our standard profit costs. However, these fees are subject to change due to a number of reasons and MJP do have the right to raise additional fees in addition to your fixed legal fees should one or more of these factors come to light.
* Referral files may differ. Please consult 'additional fees' page for more information.

Other Third-Party Costs (the disbursements):

Disbursements are the fees that are paid to Third Parties such as the Land Registry, Councils, other solicitors and other third parties and are always part of buying or selling a home, no matter which property lawyer you choose. MJP’s commitment is to tell you up front how much these third-party costs will be – everything is included in your conveyancing quote, and with our Price Transparency Promise, there are no hidden charges and no surprises.

When MJP provide you with a quote, these fees are shown at the bottom half of the quote labelled ‘Disbursements’:
Telegraphic transfer fee
Search pack
Land Registry search fee
Bankruptcy check
Land Registry
A few examples of fees that typically make up our disbursements are detailed below:

Type of Fee What these are
Land Registry Charge (Purchase Transactions Only) This is a fee payable to the Land Registry for the registration of the change of ownership of the property. A sliding scale of fees applies and is dependent on the property value. You can see how much these will be by requesting a quote.
Bankruptcy Search (Purchase Transactions Only) Mortgage lenders require us to carry out this search to find out whether the potential borrower has been made bankrupt -- £2 per person.
Priority Search (Purchase Transactions Only) A priority search ensures that no charges can land on a property for 40 days after completion - £3.
Search Pack (Purchase Transactions Only) This is a fee payable to Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) for the provision of searches concerning the property and surrounding area. This typically costs £107.30 inclusive of VAT.
Identity Check This is the amount that you pay us to carry out an online ID check against national registers to confirm your ID and proof of address. These are our administrative costs for carrying these out.
Telegraphic transfer admin fee (to Lender)- Sale and Purchase transactions If funds are paid by telegraphic transfer, a Bank Transfer Fee will be charged over and above the amount we are charged by the bank. This is to take into account the work involved in arranging the telegraphic transfer on your behalf. This typically costs £8.40 inclusive of VAT.
Official Copies of the Land Register and associated documents (Sale and sometimes Purchases) This is a copy of the information/plan held by the Land Registry to show the recorded details of the property. It will cost between £6 and £20+ depending on what we need to be able to satisfy the request of your buyer’s solicitors. Official copy of lease (only relevant in a leasehold sale) This is the copy of the lease, which details the term of the lease, the amount of rent payable and all other obligations affecting the property - £12. It may be necessary to order other documents referred to in the register held at the Land Registry – if this is necessary we will notify you of this and of the extra cost.
Other Disbursements (where applicable) You may also be asked for payments on account of other disbursements as and when these need to be incurred. The Fee or unpaid part of the Fee and all other sums, such as Stamp Duty, will need to be deposited with us as cleared funds, by no later than one working day before the agreed completion date, unless the charges and disbursements are to be paid from the sale proceeds of your property with which we are dealing and there are sufficient funds to meet our fee and all other payments upon completion.

We will invoice and recover the Fee from the monies you deposit with us either at exchange of contracts or completion.
The above table are some of the standard disbursements. However, these fees are subject to change due to a number of reasons and MJP do have the right to raise additional fees in addition to your fixed legal fees should one or more of these factors come to light.

Additional Fees

There are several factors that alter the quote during the course of a transaction. The tables detailing our Profit Costs and Disbursements are all costs that are reasonably expected to be included in your quote, however, there are several factors like the examples shown in the diagram below that may increase your fees such as:

  • What elements are involved e.g Gift elements
  • If we discover the tenure of the property differs from what you specified
  • Your status as a buyer or seller e.g first-time buyer
  • If there is a mortgage involved as we will need to act for the Lender
  • We need to request further Land Registry documents
  • Providing additonal services such as drafting deeds or covenants etc
Should you wish to view MJP’s full page of additional fees please visit this page: Additional Fees

On the other hand, MJP may quote you higher than is needed for some of our service based on standard quote measures and therefore, you may end of paying less than what was quoted. If this is the case, MJP will inform you at the earliest stage possible.

What happens if my transaction falls through?

We sincerely hope your transaction is successful though in the event the transaction falls through, either through your or the other parties choice you will be liable to pay up to 50% of the legal fees and disbursements listed within the quote.

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