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Additional Fees

If the transaction becomes substantially more time consuming or complex for any reason, or work has to be carried out beyond the usual process, or if it takes longer regardless of the nature of the delay or who causes it, or if we need to expedite the transaction and consequently place this matter ahead of all current work, it may be necessary to review our estimate of fees. This will also apply if there is a change in the rate of VAT or the cost of third party expenses, which are beyond our control. In these circumstances, we shall advise you as soon as we are aware of any additional charges or disbursements before they are incurred.

Your written estimate is based on information you have supplied and/or information supplied by a third party, such as an insurance broker. If it is discovered that the information it is based on is inadvertently incorrect and/or does not provide the full picture and/or unforeseen issues arise, we do reserve the right to raise a further charge. Examples of such situations include:-

  • Where the quote is based on a Freehold Tenure and a Leasehold Tenure is discovered – extra fee of £200.00 plus VAT
  • Where there is no provision within the quote for transfer of equity – extra fee of £250.00 plus VAT
  • Where it is revealed that a gifting element is involved in the transaction – extra fee of £65 plus VAT and a further £25 + VAT per additional donor
  • Where you require a Declaration of Trust to be drawn – extra fee starting at £150.00 plus VAT
  • Where the quote is based on a registered property and it is discovered the property is unregistered – extra fee of £150.00 plus VAT
  • Where there is sale of part of land – extra fee of £150 plus VAT
  • Where there is a need for us to set up an Indemnity Insurance Policy – extra fee of £50.00 plus VAT
  • Where there is a need to prepare a new Deed of Covenant or Easement – extra fee of £75.00 – £200.00 plus VAT
  • Where there is a need for a Statutory Declaration –extra fee of £150 plus VAT
  • Where there are post-completion notices to be prepared and served on leasehold purchases – extra fee starting at £50 plus VAT
  • Where we are required to retain at the request of the buyer a sum of money to cover a shortfall of service charge – extra fee of £50 plus VAT
  • Sending out hard copies of documents at the end of the transaction – extra fee of £50 plus VAT
  • Where we discover you are using the Right to Buy or Voluntary Right to Buy scheme – extra fee of £150 plus VAT
  • Where your Lender has separate representation – extra fee of £200 plus VAT
  • Where we are not acting on an unconnected related transaction – extra fee of £150 plus VAT
  • Where there is a Lifetime ISA element- £50+VAT per LISA element
Other Examples are as follows:

Where these is a mortgage:
There is an extra charge to add if you are buying with a mortgage because we will be required to act for your lender as well as you, and to undertake work in reporting to your lender and overseeing the registration of your lender's mortgage at the Land Registry

We will tell you how much the extra charge is when we receive the mortgage offer because the offer letter will specify how much the fee will be. It is usually around £50 (excluding VAT). We will not charge you any more than your lender specifies and will cap the fee at £50 (excluding VAT) even if the fee shown in the offer letter is more.

If you are buying or selling a house involving unregistered land (land not yet registered at the Land Registry) and/or a lease there will be an extra fee of £150 (excluding VAT) because these transactions involve additional work. If we know when you request a quote this extra work is involved the additional charge will be included in your quote. If we find out subsequently after the quote is issued, we will tell you straight away.

Expedited Completion
If it is your wish to exchange and complete within a 5 working day period (3 working days for cash transaction) we do reserve the right to raise a further charge of £150.00 plus VAT. In the case of mortgage transactions, we need to do this since most mortgage lenders require 5 working days' notice of the completion date and will not guarantee that they can deliver the mortgage funds within the five-day period (some lenders require 6 or 7 working days and we will advise accordingly if you wish to expedite). This means to achieve an earlier completion date we will need to devote extra resource into monitoring and chasing the request of funds and making sure, as far as we can, that the monies will be in before we exchange contracts. In addition to this, we will also need to allocate additional resource into fast tracking the review and compliance checks of the file before exchange takes place. This is an optional service and does not feature within the quoted fee. If you are a cash purchaser then the additional resource and time allocation means we must expedite your file if we have less than 3 working days' notice.

Extra Negotiation/Advice
The quotation does not include advice on or negotiation in connection with price change, contents and/or approval of the proposed letting and/or improvements to the property to be purchased, and/or lease extension. We are happy to assist, but reserve the right to raise a flat fee of up to £350.00 plus VAT.

Extra Leasehold Fees
In the case of a Leasehold transaction the estimate does not include those fees charged by the Freeholder and/or Managing Agent for dealing with the following:-

  • Receipting of Notice of Assignment and/or Notice of Charge
  • Receipting of Deed of Covenant and/or the provision of a draft Deed of Covenant.
  • Issuing of a Certificate of Compliance
  • Issuing of Freehold Membership Application
  • Issuing of a Share Certificate
  • Receipting of a Stock Transfer Form
These fees are not known at the stage of quoting, and may not even be payable. Once we are aware of how much these fees are we will advise you straightaway. If any such steps do become necessary, this will involve extra work and for dealing with these post completion requirements we charge a maximum fee of £150.00 plus VAT irrespective of the amount of work we are required to undertake.

Referral Fees
If you were introduced to us we will be paying a referral fee. The referral fee amount we pay is detailed below:

Source - Referral Fee
Leads for Lawyers - £4.50 + VAT
Pinlocal - £4.95 + VAT
Really Moving - £8.00+VAT for a Sale and Purchase
£5.50+VAT for a single transaction

*These figures are subject to change

If you have been referred to MJP by your Estate Agent, Broker, IFA or other third party, we may be paying them a referral fee. If this is the case, it will be detailed on your Completion Statement.
These typically range between £50 - £250 + VAT.

Should you require more information about referral fees do not hesitate to contact us.

Any advice given to you will be independent, and you are free to raise questions on all aspects of the transaction at any time. Should the case arise where a condition or limitation might transpire between us and the referrer we will let you know. In the unlikely situation where a conflict of interest might arise between acting for you and working with the referrer, we may be forced to cease acting.

Should you require a list of further search fees please let us know.

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